BJP demands Uttarakhand CM should resign on moral grounds

Dehra Dun : The state unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has demanded that chief minister Vijay Bahuguna should resign as chief minister of Uttarakhand on moral grounds, following the defeat of the Congress candidate, Saket Bahuguna in the by-election from the Tehri Lok Sabha seat, by a margin of 22694 votes.

State BJP president B S Chuphal said that it was not only that the Congress candidate had lost by a huge margin, which showed that the people had lost faith in the Congress, but also the fact that Saket Bahuguna is the son of chief minister Vijay Bahuguna, and the chief minister was personally campaigning and canvassing in the entire parliamentary consistuency for his son’s victory.

Asserting that the vote of the people against the Congress, was a referendum against the Congress government in the state, he said that when the chief minister has personally taken under his wings, the entire campaign strategy and hopped around from one public meeting to another in a helicopter, he should also own that the people no longer wanted him as the chief minister.

Chuphal said that the Congress had gone to the people in the Tehri by-election seeking vote for development, and on the work the Bahuguna government had done in the over six months that it was in power in Uttarakhand.

“Obviously, the people have rejected the so-called development plank of the Congress and sent the message that neither had any development been done in the state, nor any programme or policy spelt out for future development by the state government ever since it had come to power”, he claimed.

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