Trinamool Congress keen to contest all seats in Himachal – KD Singh

Shimla: Positioning itself as an alternative to BJP and Congress, Trinamool Congress (TMC) party today launched its election campaign in Himachal by calling for a vote for change after terming the two national parties as faces of the same coin in terms of policy and constitution.

KD Singh, Pramod Sharma at Theog rally

Talking to media persons after addressing a public rally at Theog, KD Singh, TMC incharge for north India said, “core of the parties ideology is cast on the slogan ‘Maa, Matti aur Manush’ and the party did not hesitate to surrender power when the UPA government policy in Delhi went against this core value.”

He said the party was keen to put up candidates in all 68 seats, but would weigh the credentials of candidates before fielding them in the general assembly elections.

After announcing the name of Pramod Sharma as the TMC candidate from Theog constituency, Singh said that name of other candidates would be declared in a fortnight.

He said that the voting population in Himachal was fed up with the unofficial alternate power sharing contract between BJP and Congress as there was no difference in polices or in governance styles of the two parties.

Citing the case of an foundation stone laid in 1996 for a bus stand in Theog, from where the Rajya Sabha MP had just returned after holding the TMC campaign launch rally said, “the stone has remained a project on paper while many BJP and Congress government have come and gone in the intervening period.”

Opposing the hike in petroleum products and FDI in retail, he said that arrogance of power had made the UPA government push through these anti people measures without consulting its allies and by bypassing parliament.

He said that false propaganda was being spread about FDI being helpful to fruit, especially apple growers.

“Even in advanced nations where FDI in retail has entered, more and more farmers were giving up the farming”, claimed Singh.

The TMC leader said that providing for an unemployment allowance and free laptops to 10 Plus 2 students was part of the party’s election manifesto.

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  1. says: Anup Jasyal (Nangloo)

    We are very happy and excited to watch the TMC entering in election arena in Himachal. We want third powerful front with new faces and innovative ideology. We are thankful to “Didi JI” for her leading the verstile, discipline and hard working people of Himachal.

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