“Let’s give peace a chance” Is The Official number for Motorbike Journey

Mumbai: Sri Lankan hip hop artist Ashanthi’s new single “Let’s give peace a chance” is the official song of the De Paix Yatra, a motorbike journey in honour of world’s unsung heroes who have devoted their lives to bring about change in the world.

The journey will begin from Mumbai Aug 11, and will end in London.

Ashanthi’s song captures the spirit of the mission – peace.

“It has been a great experience creating ‘Let’s give peace a chance’ as the official anthem for the De Paix Yatra peace project. I believe that the song sends a strong message to everyone about the hope of peace throughout the world,” Ashanthi said in a press statement.

She says her experiences in her nation helped her infuse true emotions in the song.

“The composition of this song, for me, has been an expression of my deepest feelings, as Sri Lanka has been a country in turmoil in the recent past for over 21 years.”

“In my lifetime, all I have seen is war. Now I am glad I was able to create a song that will make a difference in promoting peace and unity among our youth,” she added.

Released by Universal Music, “Let’s give…” will be available for online as well as mobile downloads.

The De Paix Yatra will try to engage celebrities, diplomats, sports personalities, youth icons and political leaders, who can use their public prowess to inspire and widen the reach of the project.

The entire journey will be documented and later released in the form of mini-series, films, documentaries and a photo story coffee table book.

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