Vest Kishangarh estate illegal lands with state – Himachal BJP

Shimla: In the run up to the state assembly polls, BJP targeted former chief minister Virbhadra Singh and his wife Pratibha Singh for overlooking violations to the land ceiling laws by the estate of Kishangarh.

Spokesman Ashok Kapatia demanded that the 1548 bighas of land allegedly held illegally by the descendants of the erstwhile princely estate of Kishangarh be vested with the state.

The BJP spokesman said that this large land holding was in the name of Arun Sen in 1962 and was later shared with Prithivi Vikarm Sen, a close relative of the former chief minister.

He alleged that Aurn Sen, over the last 40 years had been sold 750 bighas of land, was in possession of 638 bighas and 180 bighas was under possession of tenants.

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