Himachal house sees all time low scenes

Shimla : It was a disgraceful show by MLAs from both the Congress and the BJP in the Himachal Pradesh assembly today as they screamed , abused and sometimes pushed and boxed each other inside the house .

Despite repeated requests by the speaker to maintain calm the MLAs ignored him .The shouting went on for over an hour from both sides.

The opposition Congress MLAs were positioned in the well of the house while the BJP MLAs stood at the edge of the treasury benches .

Both the camps were only inches away from each other as they glared , gesticulated , shouted , fumed , abused and sometimes hit each other . And always there was the constant shrieking .

Himachal is known for its quiet and peaceful way of life , so the hill folk today were naturally shocked by the behavior of their elected leaders even as more such scenes are expected in the coming days .

Observers say whatever the reasons these lawmakers have no right to behave like this .

Others said MLAs from both the sides are putting up this appalling show just to outmatch each other in an election year and somehow attract the attention of their voters .

If such behavior continues for the rest of the budget session the voters should boycott such leaders in the coming assembly polls later this year .

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  1. says: Devinder K Sharma

    The Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha was known all over the country for its tradition of exemplary peaceful conduct of business. We have heard and witnessed the brawls and fisticuffs in many of our legislatures across the country and used to ridicule their conduct. We did not realise that we will also soon make it and lo and behold ! we have also arrived. A sad day for us peaceful Himachalis. One sincerely hopes that such incident does not get repeated.

  2. says: shankar thakur

    I think people are taking the note of this bizare rather an Ugly show by the elected persons . I refrain from using the word “leaders” as its a disgrace to this word and its meaning if we have to call these hooligans as leaders. ! . Its such a shamefull and sad day for us… I hope we would not let these people win in the elsections coz they don’t belong to H.P ASSEMBLY and can not think for the prosperity of people who have elected them , they belong to Wrestling arenas in our melas ENTERTAINING us rather..

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