BJP has hijacked Himachal sports bodies : CPM

Shimla : The CPIM on Sunday accused the ruling BJP in Himachal Pradesh of hijacking sports bodies in the state and running these bodies without transparency and accountability .

“Life members of these bodies are also being given voting rights which in violation of the rules .” said Tikender Panwar ,senior CPM leader .

“Many of these life members are also being awarded contracts for sports purchases and construction activities .It is this cronyism that develops corruption and blocks democratisation of these bodies ,” Panwar alleged .

“In fact both the BJP and Congress consider sports bodies as their legitimate right for propagation of their politics and for generating illegal wealth ,” he said .

Tikender Panwar

The CPIM says the recent multi-crore cricket scam in neighbouring Jammu & Kashmir has vindicated the consistent stand taken by the party in the past that all sports bodies must be made transparent and democratically elected , instead they are being made as fiefdom of the politically powerful people like the BJP is doing in Himachal .

The party has asked for a debate on the issue of allowing party leaders to head sports bodies .
“How come there are terms for MLAs and MPs and other elected representatives but sports body leaders are not prepared to part with these positions,” Panwar said .

“The BJP must explain why it is opposing the sports act that fixes a limit for functionaries . IPL today is corruption ridden and is patronised to serve the interests of the individual rather than the sports at large ,” he said .

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