Bonfires, celebrations mark Lohri across north India

Chandigarh/New Delhi : Bonfires on streets, house compounds, campuses of schools, colleges and universities and even at offices — the festive mood of Lohri was felt across north India Friday.

From children in smaller towns of Punjab and Haryana singing the traditional “Sundriye Mundriye hoye, Dulha Bhatti vala hoye…” to DJ’s playing latest foot-tapping numbers at full blast on Panjab University campus in Chandigarh and elsewhere, the festivity of Lohri was spread all over.

The Lohri celebrations in educational institutions across Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and New Delhi started around noon while the actual celebrations were held by people at their homes and communities in various places in the evening.

“The weather today was just the right amount of cold and no rain. The bonfires were amazing and we enjoyed being with friends and good music. It was fun throwing the moongfali (groundnut) and other things in the bonfire,” Chandigarh resident Sheweta Aggarwal said .

On the Panjab University campus in Chandigarh, over a dozen DJs were playing in the grounds outside various teaching departments with students and teachers enjoying the festivity with bonfires and dance.

“It was a real festive spirit on the university campus. Everyone seemed to be in a celebration mood. The DJs could be heard in all directions,” PU student Ashish said.

In New Delhi too, streets and homes saw their own Lohri celebrations.

In many residential colonies, people had set up and lit bonfires on the streets and bylanes.

Lohri was celebrated in neighbouring Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir, both states currently reeling under and intense cold wave and snowy conditions.

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