Author backed cocktails to keep spirits soaring in Jaipur

Jaipur : Sample this: Benquiri, Ondaatje Slammer, Pinker Colada, Kunzru Punch, Dalrymple Breezer – a hotel in this city is paying ode to the galaxy of literary stars who are visiting the Jaipur Literature Festival with cocktails named after them.

The Rambagh Palace Hotel, which is a prestigious heritage property, has taken up the initiative to attract the thousands of book lovers expected to visit the Pink City Jan 20-24 for the literary event.

The Mehrotra Politan – an improvisation of the Cosmopolitan – is a cocktail named after noted poet Arvind Krishna Mehrotra, who has translated Kabir’s ‘bhakti’ poetry in English.

The liquor is a blend of vodka, Grand Marnier and cranberry juice.

Celebrated African novelist Ben Okri has been honoured with Benquiri – a version of banana daiquiri with Bacardi light rum, lemon juice and creme de banane.

“It reflects the smooth and rich flavour of his writing,” a spokesperson for the hotel said.

Lionel Shriver, the Orange prize winning author of “We Need To Talk About Kevin” and “The Post-Birthday World” has been captured in Shriver Sling, a spicy cocktail of gin, cherry brandy, Benedictine, triple sec and pineapple juice.

The Pinker Colada – christened after science writer Steven Pinker – is a blend of Bacardi rum, creme de banane, pineapple juice and coconut cream.

The spirit of Sri Lankan novelist Michael Ondaatje revels in the Ondaatje Slammer, a cocktail of gin, Amaretto, Southern Comfort, orange juice and pineapple juice. It is a variation of the Alabama Slammer, a source at the Rambagh Palace Hotel said.

The Kunzru Punch, named after novelist Hari Kunzru, is the good old Planters’ Punch tweaked with dark rum, lime juice, grenadine, 7up and Angostura bitters while the Spalding Daiquiri named after Canadian writer-editor Linda Spalding is a simple potion of Bacardi rum and lemon juice. It is an improvisation of the classic daiquiri.

The Dalrymple Breezer, named after William Dalrymple, is an avatar of Bay Breeze with vodka, Peach Schnapps, pineapple juice and cranberry juice.

The authors’ cocktails will be served throughout the week beginning Saturday. What says Bond? Martini – stirred or shaken?

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