More Muslim kids attending schools

New Delhi : The number of Muslim children getting primary and upper primary education has been steadily increasing over the last few years, the Rajya Sabha was informed Friday.

Minister of State for Human Resource Development D. Purandeswari, in a written reply, said: “The percentage of kids enrolling in primary education upped from 10.49 percent in 2007-08 to 11.03 percent in 2008-09 and reached 13.48 percent in 2009-10.”

According to Purandeswari, a similar increase was witnessed at the upper primary level where 8.54 percent students enrolled in 2007-08. It rose to 9.13 percent in 2008-09 and 11.89 percent in 2009-10.

As per the Census 2001, Muslims constitute 13.43 percent of the country’s population.

In the year 2007-08, Andhra Pradesh appointed 1,400 Urdu teachers followed by Chhattisgarh 426 and Himachal Pradesh 100. Punjab hired 42 Urdu teachers in 2009-10.

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