Khanduri says ‘No’ to FDI in retail in Uttarakhand

Dehra Dun : Taking a cue from the nationwide bandh and protests by the business community against FDI in retail and also the fact that some of the states have said in no uncertain words that they will not allow it, Uttrakhand chief minister B C Khanduri also said that it will not be allowed in this small mountain state.

Asserting that it was not in the interest of small and petty traders and businessmen, he said that centre should have taken all the states into confidence before imposing it on them.

“Allowing FDI in retail will not only cause losses to the small traders and businessmen, but will also be an impediment in their further growth and progress”, he claimed.

However, though he said that his decision was not biased because of the recent nationwide bandh on the call of the business community and the near complete impact it had in various cities of Uttarakhand, it was apparently quite obvious that the chief minister was toeing the BJP line on the issue.

It may be mentioned here that the BJP which had one point of time during the NDA regime advocated FDI in retail, has now done a u-turn in the matter and is opposing it tooth and nail.

In fact, when this issue was raised BJP leader Sushma Swaraj had to say that as an after thought the party was now opposed to it.

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