Keep calm, Jayalalithaa appeals to Kerala’s people

Chennai : Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalithaa Tuesday made a fervent appeal to the people of Kerala, urging them not succumb to the machinations of unscrupulous mischief-mongers and indulge in senseless violence and vandalism over imaginary issues.

Referring to the attacks on Ayyappa devotees going to Sabarimala, and vadalisation of vehicles bearing Tamil Nadu number-plates by some elements in Kerala, Jayalalithaa said: “I call upon the highly educated and intelligent people of God’s Own Country not to fall a prey to the machinations of narrow, vested interests or of unscrupulous anti-social elements and allow their rational minds to be manipulated to indulge in quixotic acts of wanton mob violence.”

She said these violent developments are alarming and based on imaginary and unfounded fears, which have been fuelled by irresponsible positioning by vested political interests.

With the politicians in Kerala spreading mass fear psychosis about the safety of Mullaperiyar Dam, tension has gripped districts like Idukki in Kerala, she said.

“Please do not destroy the mutual trust, esteem and goodwill that exist between the people of the two States – which have been painstakingly built up, not just over the last six decades, but over centuries. Do not let whipped up passions cloud your reason and better judgement. This is my request to a people whom I have always held in the highest esteem for their intelligence, education, rationality and hard work,” Jayalalithaa said.

She also appealed to the political class of Kerala “to desist from making inflammatory speeches on the issue, which would vitiate the cordial relations that exist between the people of the two States”.

Jayalalithaa said the safety of the dam is being “constantly monitored and highly qualified and accomplished technical experts, including those nominated by the Supreme Court of India, have repeatedly reiterated that it is absolutely safe. To doubt its safety merely because it is 116 years old is sheer ignorance.”

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