Himachal village destroyed in blaze

Shimla : A huge fire today reduced almost an entire village of 70 wooden houses to ash in Himachal Pradesh Rohru area . Around 200 livestock have also perished .

The fire started around midnight in Chichwadi village near Chirgaon some 148 km from the state capital Shimla . The flames spread fast as the houses were made mostly of wood.

Around 67 wooden houses have been destroyed completely and 13 are partially damaged . Efforts are still on to douse the flames .

“The total loss is estimated to be around Rs 5 crore , around 200 heads of cattle have also been killed ,” said M.R.Dhiman , SDM Rohru , by phone .

“We have housed the affected people in the village school building . Rations for 15 days have been provided . Besides 50 tents and many blankets have also been distributed ,” Dhiman said .

“ At least 37 affected families are poor dalits who have lost everything ,” he said .

Photo: Amit

Video: Nagender Ranta

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