Cong invites Anna to expose BJP in Uttarakhand

Dehradun : Even as Uttarakhand chief minister, B C Khanduri has become the poster boy of social crusader Anna Hazare for having passed a Lokpal Bill, though it has raised eyebrows in legal circles here, the opposition Congress has invited the latter to launch an agitation against the alleged large scale corruption in the agitation.

Terming the crusade launched by Anna Hazare against the Congress-led UPA government at the centre alone as rather unfortunate and unwarranted, leader of the opposition in the vidhan sabha, Harak Singh Rawat said that it was time that the social crusader took note of the large scale corruption prevalent in Uttarakhand and launched an agitation against it also.

Asserting that Anna Hazare had not gone through the fine prints of the Lokpal Bill passed by the Uttarakhand vidhan sabha and read it minutely, he alleged that the BJP government had purposely passed a weak Lokpal Bill, which would not stand up to time, leave aside prevent corruption that was rampant.

He said that while the agitation if and when launched by Anna Hazare against the Khanduri government in Uttarakhand would show the unbiased and unprejudiced attitude of the social crusader and his team towards the Congress, it would also help the masses to get a clean and efficient administration in the state, which they were keenly looking forward to.

While pointing out that the list of scams under the BJP government in the state had crossed all limits, Rawat said that one needed to look into just the tenders that had been allotted by the state Public Works Department to get the picture of what is happening under the present government.

“It will only be in the rightness of things that the state government asks the CBI to probe into the tenders that have been allotted by the department, so that the real picture of the goings on becomes public and the guilty are not only punished but their godfathers are also brought to limelight”, he added.

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