Business visas for Chinese up

New Delhi : Amid differences over a host of issues with China, the government Wednesday said it has taken note of the potential misuse of business visas and added that these are being issued in greater numbers to Chinese nationals.

“Business visa does not permit nationals of other countries to work in India,” Minister of State for External Affairs Preneet Kaur told parliament when asked whether business-visa holders from China are doing semi-skilled work in India.

“Government has taken note of the potential misuse of the business visa and has issued an advisory to all missions and posts abroad to strictly observe the norms for grant of business visas as specified in the visa manual,” said Kaur.

Giving details, the minister said 63,920 business visas were issued to Chinese nationals last year. Compared to that, 59,485 business visas were given to the Chinese till Nov 30 this year.

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