Anna Hazare ill, refuses to break fast

Mumbai : Anna Hazare refused Tuesday night to end his three-day fast in support of a strong Lokpal despite falling sick and running 102 degrees temperature, his doctor and aides said.

His doctor D.G. Pote announced from the stage at the MMRDA ground that Hazare, 74, was very weak, his blood pressure had shot up by 30 points to 170/96, and his pulse rate was poor.

“This is the unfortunate reality,” the doctor said. “When he fasts, he is always on the stage. This is the first time he is resting in the back.”

The doctor said although the fast began only Tuesday, his failure to eat adequate food the past few days because of cold had added to the problem.

Hazare confidant Arvind Kejriwal said he and his colleagues had been doing their best to persuade Anna to give up the fast.

“He is not agreeing. He refuses to break his fast. No one can have medicines on empty stomach,” he said, speaking after the doctor gave his assessment.

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