73 dead in Kolkata hospital fire

Kolkata At least 73 people have died in a major fire that broke out in AMRI hospital in Kolkata Friday .

Hospital authorities said 70 patients and three staffers had been killed Chief minister mamta Banerjee said the colour photos of the faces of the unidentified victims will be displayed outside the SSKM morgue.

The Chief Minister has cancelled the licence of the hospital .

“On the basis of a FIR lodged by the fire brigade, police had started a criminal case against the hospital management. “They will be arrested. We will take strict action against the hospital,” the chief minister said .

Other reports said that the top management of the hospital has already gone into hiding .There is also a lot of criticism about the hospital not having enough fire fighting equipment and other safety measures in place .

The fire started at the basement of the building at 3:30 A.M. and soon engulfed four stories. The fire has now been doused .

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