105-year-old bike to be auctioned

London : A rusty, old motorbike from 1906, believed to be one of the world’s oldest motorised two-wheelers, will soon be auctioned.

The 1906 Indian Camelback is reportedly one of the world’s “most sought after” motorbikes and is expected to fetch 50,000 pounds, The Sun reported.

Only 1,698 such vehicles were made that year and the one to be auctioned is one of the few remaining.

It was owned by the du Pont family, which bought the “Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company” that built it. The company was the rival of Harley-Davidson but went bankrupt in 1953.

The motorbike was equipped with a single cylinder and 2.25 horse power, and probably reached speeds of around 50 km per hour.

The vehicle that was last ridden in the 1970s would be auctioned at Bonhams in Las Vegas, Jan 12.

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