Putin once a wife-beater : German spy agency

London : Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been accused by a German spy agency of being a “wife-beater” and having many “sexual affairs” while he himself was a spy in the KGB, a media report said Thursday.

Putin headed Soviet intelligence operations in the then East German city of Dresden from 1985 to 1990, the Daily Mail.

Secret files from West German spy agency BND published in the German media now claim an interpreter agent befriended Putin’s wife Lyudmila, who spoke about her marriage with Putin.

She reportedly told the agent her husband used “domestic violence and had numerous sexual affairs”, the daily said.

The secret files were discovered by BND expert Erich Schmidt-Eenboom, author of several books on the spy agency.

“This report gives added nourishment to the rumour that Putin left in his black Volga limousine in the spring of 1990 allegedly leaving an illegitimate baby behind,” says a report in German newspaper Bild.

Putin’s spokesman made no comment on the reports.

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