Pakistan was not sheltering Osama: Rehman Malik

Addu Atoll (Maldives) : Pakistan was not sheltering Osama bin Laden, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said here Thursday.

Addressing reporters after the delegation-level talks between the two countries, Malik denied that his country had sheltered the Al Qaeda chief.

The Al Qaeda chief was killed May 2 in his hideout in Abbottabad, about 150 km from Islamabad, in a US operation.

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  1. says: D.D.Raut

    We should not hang Kasab. We should keep him alive to get more and more information , links with terrorist groups , organizations. We have to get information from him who killed karkare? and why ? Is he Kasab or Basak that is to be confirmed and that will be known only we keep him alive for life. Nativist D.D.Raut, President, Native People’s Party Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti . Message to Nation : Janeu Chodo Bharat Jodo Guru Nanak and Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi left it , Why not You?

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