Pakistan celebrates Eid-ul-Zuha

Islamabad : Pakistan Monday celebrated Eid-ul-Zuha, or the festival of sacrifice, with religious zeal and fervour across the country.

After Eid prayers, the faithful sacrificed camels, cows, goats, rams and sheep to commemorate the historic sacrifice offered by Prophet Ibrahim. Legend has it that bowing to Allah’s command, Ibrahim offered his son Ismail in sacrifice. When he blindfolded himself and moved the knife on his son’s throat, Allah ordered a ram from heaven to replace Ismail.

The celebrations will continue for three days of the Eid festivities, Geo News reported.

People prayed in mosques and Eidgahs (open-air mosques) for the nation’s solidarity, prosperity and integrity.

Scholars from various schools of thought delivered special sermons to highlight the significance of the day and the purpose of the sacrifice rendered by Prophet Ibrahim centuries ago.

Eid-ul-Zuha is the most important feast of the Muslim calendar. It concludes the pilgrimage to Mecca.

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