No mass graves in Garo Hills : Sangma

Shillong : Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma Thursday dismissed the existence of any mass graves or of secret killings of tribal Garo people in the strife-torn area of Garo Hills in the state’s western region.

The government had instituted a high-level probe after the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA) had accused its rival group, the A’chik National Volunteers Council (ANVC), of indulging in secret killings.

The GNLA, a rebel group led former police officer-turned outlaw Champion R. Sangma, had alleged many innocent Garo youths were silently killed by ANVC and their bodies were buried in unmarked graves at ANVC’s designated camp at Samanda and behind their liaison office at Tura.

ANVC, considered the most powerful rebel group in Garo Hills, is currently in a tripartite ceasefire agreement with the central and state governments.

Peter W. Ingty, the divisional commissioner, who led the high-level inquiry team, submitted his findings to the government Oct 17.

“The cabinet has examined the reports and found that the allegation regarding secret killings and the existence of mass graves were baseless,” Sangma told journalists here.

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