Man kills four cats by smashing them on walls

London : A man, who has been former councillor in Britain, killed his four pet cats by smashing them on his house’s walls.

The cats’ battered bodies were found strewn around Robert Payne’s house amid shocking scenes of cruelty, the Sun reported.

Payne, 36, posted on Facebook before killing his two pet cats: “Bless my cats cuddling up to me to cheer me up.”

He is believed to have bought two kittens to replace them, but killed them too.

Police discovered walls everywhere spattered with blood after neighbours reported about shrieking sounds. They recovered two cat carcasses frozen solid in a freezer, one body on the stairs and a fourth in another room of the two-bed rented terrace.

Payne, a former Tory member, who is now an independent on Bradford Council, is facing jail after admitting to have caused animal cruelty.

Magistrates in Bingley, a market town in West Yorkshire’s Bradford city, remanded him in custody because of the seriousness of the offences. He will be sentenced next month.

Payne was convicted of fraud earlier this year but he refused to resign as a councillor. Friday night there were renewed demands for him to quit.

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