Last batch of Uttarakhand traders to return soon from Tibet

Dehra Dun : Though the concerned authorities were not able to say what was the quantum of trade that took place between traders of India and Tibet, but with the last batch of traders who had gone into Tibet for trading returned on Monday.

Trade between the Indian and Tibetan traders from the Lipulek Pass situated in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand is mostly confined to Pashmina wool and consumer items. While the Indian traders bring back Pashmina wool they had taken with them, this year mostly jaggery, sugar candy and tobacco.

Trade which takes place on barter system starts in July when traders from India are given special permits to cross the border by the Trade Officer at Dharchula. The trade pass given to the traders allows them to stay within Chinese territory for a maximum of four months, and some of them utilize this pass to stay the maximum period to get better deals, sources said.

They said that this year a total of 231 Indian traders and 359 helpers, mostly owners or handlers of mules which are used to carry the merchandise across the border had gone to trade in Tibet. While most of them had returned, but as many as 29 traders and 57 helpers had remained back till the last date of their permissible stay.

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