I can’t stay idle : Shah Rukh Khan

New Delhi : Superstar Shah Rukh Khan is so used to working all the time that it becomes difficult for him to stay without doing anything.

“Two days of nothingness and I miss work already. i think my dna is made up of working genes…relaxed loose fit genes don’t suit me,” Shah Rukh wrote on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Of late the actor was busy promoting his superhero film “RA.One” and his hard work seems to have paid off as the sci-fi film made at a budget of Rs 150 crore, recovered its costs by earning Rs.170 crore worldwide in the opening weekend despite not so good reviews from critics.


Bhandarkar to inaugurate Rampal’s TV show

Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar will be the first guest on actor Arjun Rampal’s TV show “Love 2 Hate U”.

“Shot with the sporting and fun @mbhandarkar268 for #love2hateu saw a side to him I didn’t know. Thanks Madhur,” Arjun wrote on microblogging site Twitter.

Madhur also posted on his Twitter page, “@rampalarjun it was great to be on your show. Really enjoyed!!

In the show, Arjun will try and change the people’s views about Bollywood celebrities.


Mahaaskshay is John Cena fan

Actor Mahaakshay Chakraborty, son of veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty, has revealed that he is a huge fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star John Cena.

“John Cena has always been one of my role models. More than his physique and personality, it is his attitude which I salute. Every week when he goes out there and faces the people, he hears, ‘Let’s go Cena! Cena Sucks!’ But he never quits! He always keeps fighting because he knows how to Rise Above The Hate!” Mahaaskhay, who was recently seen in “Loot”, wrote on his blog.

Cena is a professional wrestler and is currently signed to WWE as a member of its WWE Raw brand. In WWE, Cena has won 19 championships, including 12 world titles.

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