Horses for sale at Lavi trade fair in Himachal

Shimla : The popular horse sale at the exotic Lavi trade fair in Himachal Pradesh’s Rampur Bushahr is already underway from Friday with a Chamurti horse selling for a whopping Rs 48,000 on the opening day .

The horse sale starts several days before the trade fair formally begins . Around 151 horses were registered on day one even as more horses will continue to trickle in every day , organisers told the Hill Post .

The most sought after is the rare and exotic Chamurti horse of upper Kinnaur and Spiti which fetches the highest price .

Spiti riders out at play on famed Chamurti horses: Photo Ethan

The Chamurti is a rather short and sturdy breed peculiar to the region . It is adapted to live in extreme cold . It is so sure footed that it can walk on icy paths with ease .

According to the last count there are over 17,000 Chamurti horses in the region . The state government has started a 23 hectare Chamurti breeding farm at Lari in Spiti .

The centuries old Lavi trade fair is held every year in the second week of November at Rampur Bushahr by the banks of the Sutlej river 130 km from Shimla .

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