Hitler’s paintings to be auctioned in Sweden

Moscow : Seven paintings thought to have been painted by Adolf Hitler will be auctioned in Sweden, triggering cries of outrage among members of the Jewish community in the country.

“If the paintings are originals, we estimate that they will sell at 100,000 kronor (around $15,000) each,” said Christer Davidsson, representing the Swedish Enforcement Authority.

The money earned from the sale will be used to cover debts of a local family, who have not been named, reported the newspaper Local.

The Stockholm Jewish community has spoken out against plans to sell the paintings, stating that “it is highly inappropriate that anyone should be able to earn money by selling such objects”.

Hitler failed to be accepted by the Vienna Academy of Art. The German leader, in his early life, earned money by drawing advertisements and postcards.

This is not the first time Hitler’s art is being sold.

In April 2011, British auctioneers at Mullocks Auction House sold 13 art pieces worth over 95,000 pounds.

The most expensive, sold for 10,000 pounds, was a self-portrait. The small watercolor, dated 1910, portrays a brown-clad man sitting on a stone bridge. It lacks facial features such as eyes, nose and mouth, but experts said the prominent hairstyle and small initials “A.H.” leave no doubt as to who the figure represents.

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