Hilton’s treats strag dog 50 pounds dinner

London : Socialite Paris Hilton’s love for dogs is not unknown – but she went out of her way to order a steak worth 50 pounds for a stray dog on a Bali beach.

Hilton told chefs at a posh restaurant in Bali to cook the dog dinner, reports thesun.co.uk.

She posted the dog’s picture on social networking site Twitter, and posted: “Saw a starving stray on the beach of the restaurant. Made me so sad. So we ordered him a filet mignon, he loved it!”

The celebrity heiress wants to help stray dogs on the Indonesian island.

“I’m researching the internet to see what I can do to help,” she added.

To raise funds for their welfare, Hilton even shared a link to an international fund for Animal Welfare story about animal relief work in Bali.

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