Elderly left to lead appalling lives in Britain

London : Thousands of elderly people in Britain are suffering abuse and neglect at their homes, courtesy the very staff employed for their special care, a report has revealed.

In some cases, the treatment is so appalling that frail and vulnerable pensioners have been left “wanting to die”, the Daily Mail reported.

The report comes after studies exposing the shocking standard of care for elderly people in hospitals and care homes across the country.

In one instance, a care worker forced a 76-year-old cancer victim to struggle to the kitchen to heat up a meal because, it was claimed, health and safety rules meant a helper could not operate a microwave.

Another was put to bed at 2.45 p.m. while some were even left to starve by refusing help with their meals.

The daughter of a neglected pensioner told the inquiry team: “These small acts of cruelty are being enacted, possibly unthinkingly, every day.”

The study by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) also lifts the lid on appalling physical abuse and carers stealing money from pensioners while stating that the victims often do not complain, fearing repercussions.

It found pensioners’ human rights were being breached in various ways that include the elderly not being given adequate support to eat or drink, in particular those with dementia; financial abuse such as money being systematically stolen; and physical abuse such as rough handling or unnecessary force.

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