Dhoni demands spinning tracks at home

Mumbai : Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni Saturday made it clear that he wants spinning tracks at home.

The third and the final Test between India and the West Indies ended in a thrilling draw after 17 wickets fell on the final day of the match at Wankhede Stadium , with the pitch turning square on the final day after four high-scoring days.

Dhoni said India should make most of the Tests at home by dishing a turning track that can help spinners from the first day.

“I would like to say that we must have wickets spinning from day one as that has been our strength. We started the day with a safe approach and as we started getting couple of wickets, we went for the offensive. Eventually, the way the first session went, I am sure last four days must have been forgotten because of that,” said Dhoni of the morning session where the visitors slumped to 134 all out in their second innings with spinners Pragyan Ojha (6)and Ravichandran Ashwin (4) splitting the wickets between themselves.

Dhoni said he was surprised with the way the pitch behaved on the final day.

“The last time we played at Cricket Club of India (CCI), there was something in the morning, and it fizzled out. We weren’t expecting it to do as much as it did here,” he said.

India, needing 243 to win the Test, had their share of nervous moments. They were at a precarious 186 for 6 with 15 overs remaining for stumps, and needed two runs from the last ball of the day to win the Test.

Dhoni said they lost wickets at crucial moments and complimented the opponents for putting up a good show.

“We lost wickets at the wrong time. Also they played good cricket. It is a lesson. The match is not won until it is in your kitty.”

On being given rest for five ODIs against the West Indies beginning Tuesday in Cuttack, Dhoni said: “It is a much needed break. I have been playing continuous cricket for quite sometime now. More than the physical break, I am looking forward to the mental break before the Australia tour.”

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