BBC radio archives to go online

London : The BBC will soon introduce a new radio website, preliminarily named “Audiopedia”, that would contain the broadcaster’s almost entire archives of radio programmes since the 1940s.

The service will be launched “within the next 12 months”, Tim Davie, director of BBC Audio and Music, was quoted as saying by the Telegraph.

As well as searching and listening to the archival material, “Audiopedia” users will be able to share programmes with their friends.

The BBC is currently in the process of digitising its audio and TV archives. Around 20 hours a week of radio archives is being added to “Audiopedia”.

Davie said the website will be “porous” to other broadcasters’ content.

“Audiopedia will not be a closed library. We will link to other broadcasters’ content,” he said.

An official said the content would be searchable by subject, participant or programme, bringing together thousands of hours of unique information and entertainment to stream and download.

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