Are your Facebook pics keeping nice friends away

London : Your semi-clad photos on social networking sites like Facebook could be one of the things which might be preventing many individuals from becoming your online friends.

According to new research, online profiles featuring over the top poses, bikini shots or pictures of cars immediately spark a negative opinion on strangers, the Daily Mail reported.

Online reputation management firm Reputation 24/7, which carried out the study, said: “Managing your online reputation is just as vital for people as it is for brands.”

“It’s difficult not to judge someone whether you meet them face-to-face or see their online presence.

“Seeing a profile on a social networking site will only tell you so much about a person so it’s easy to jump to conclusions, especially if an individual has outlandish pictures or expresses particular strong views online.”

Images which may have negative connotations included the pictures where the subject is seen holding an alcoholic drink or if they are drunk, photos of them in passionate clinches with their other half, the report found.

The study found a shot taken of oneself is seen as positive just as a wedding picture. Pictures of children or shots taken on a beach are also good for one’s image. Even a smile was hailed as being important.

As per the firm, as information about oneself can be accessed by thousands if not millions of people so it’s important that one’s online image is enhancing his or her personality and presence and not hindering it.

The study examined several aspects of how opinions are formed, both online and in real life.

Six out of 10 of those polled admitted being guilty of judging people from their online profiles, while 40 percent said they formed opinions quicker online than face-to-face.

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