Women like moving out with friends than husband

London : Girls surely want to have fun but preferably without their men being around, suggests a survey that found a third of married women respondents saying they had a better time with their mates than with their other halves.

Most of the women said they would prefer spending time relaxing with a friend and catching up on girly gossip than moving out as a couple. Also they wish to go shopping with their girlfriends instead of with their partner since the former offer more reliable and better advice, the Daily Express reported.

The survey, carried out for Lakeside shopping centre in Essex, found almost half of the women as saying that sharing a cup of coffee with their girlfriends gave them a chance to confide in one another.

They also take more care about their appearance when going out with friends and end up spending more money than if they were with their husband.

The survey of 3,000 married women found shopping, going to a spa or having a meal and a glass of wine with a friend were their favourite activities. Two-thirds of women said they often did much more than buy things when they went out shopping.

One in 10 said they were more able “to be themselves” around their friends and half said they enjoyed the fact that they could talk to their female friends about “anything”.

While one in five said their friends gave them the confidence to be more daring while shopping.


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