We can never repay what Tibet had given to the world : Richard Gere

Dharamsala : Trusted old friend of the Tibetans hollywood star Richard Gere flew into the hill town of Dharamsala in northern India to meet the top brass of the Tibetan government-in-exile .

Prominent refugees at the Gankyi stadium in Dharamsala gave the actor a thunderous applause as he walked in to address the gathering late Tuesday . He was flanked by Lobsang Sangay , prime minister of the Tibetan government–in-exile .

Recounting how he came into contact with the Tibetan cause , Gere said his curosity and quest for happiness landed him in Kathmandu in 1970 .

“After reading John Avedon’s ‘In Exile the Land of Snows’ the book raised my passion to go to Dharamsala to know more about Tibet ,” he recalled .

“It struck me very deeply when the Dalai Lama told me that the Tibetans need help help from him and other Western friends,” Gere said .

He said Tibetan people have won deep and heartfelt friends across the world for contributing greatly through their rich culture and religion .

“We consider you the best of who you are .We can never repay what the Tibetans have contributed to the world,” he said .

When asked about changes in the Tibetan movement he said it was of paramount importance to keep the community united .

“The hearts of the Tibetans have remained unchanged .The three generations of Tbetans have done very well, especially in education and health ,” he added .

He then said the failure is actually in Tibet .So we should try to improve the lives of Tibetans in Tibet that is the challenge .

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