Time right to curb corruption: PM

New Delhi : Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said Sunday that “the time was right to move decisively to curb corruption in public life and improve the processes of governance”.

He also said the “immediate challenge before the government was to sustain high growth while keeping inflation in check”.

Addressing a two-day conference of governors that concluded here, the prime minister said: “The government was committed to take all possible measures to curb corruption in administration and deliver good governance to the citizens.”

Stating “efforts for rapid progress and development can have their full impact only if corruption is curbed,” the prime minister urged the state governments “to enact a law to bring more transparency and accountability into procurement systems” on the lines of the centre.

Observing that “high food inflation has been a particular cause for worry in the recent months”, the prime minister said in the long term the “key to tackling rising food prices lies in increasing productivity and production in agriculture and allied sectors”.

“We need a second green revolution that is inclusive,” he said.

Talking about the challenges to the maintenance of law and order and controlling terrorism and Left wing extremism, he stressed the need to check Left wing extremism from spreading to additional areas of country.

“Better policing and development have to be twin engines of a coordinated strategy to curb Left wing extremism,” said the prime minister.

He asked the governors to take active interest in pursuing development plans of scheduled areas besides toning up quality of higher education, in their capacity as chancellors of universities.

Making a mention of ragging in educational institutes, the prime minister said governors have a special responsibility to root out this menace.

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  1. says: basith

    It is time that the Ruling congress sheds its corrupt flab and regain its image as it was in 1960’s.Quality of life of the common man has gone down to such an extent that poverty has become second nature of India. Nearly three million farmers suicides have taken place due to the lopsided priorities of Indian governments.The farmers who feed the 1.2 billion people are becoming an extinct species.India boasts of IT. BT,CT, and what not.Economists never get tired of lying about India’s perceived growth rate of 8.7%. Four children die every minute in India due to malnutrition and thousands are dying every year due to deliberate and forced poor health care.Is India shining?
    The muslim community face discrimination and get tortured for in jails for being labeled as confirmed terrorists while the Hindutva terrorists go scot free after carrying out all the bomb attacks.The congress has become more rabid and communal in its policy towards muslims just to appease the virulent hindutva brigade and remain in power. Muslims cannot observe their festivals like bakrid freely as it was possible 20 years ago.Why? Due to a sustained and deliberate campaign to interfere with the religious practices of Islam.All trades that muslims work in are being eliminated in the name of environment, economics and politics, but the reason is obvious- drive the muslims to the brink of annihilation by oppressive and draconian laws. Is the Prime minister of India listening to the plaintive cries of the oppressed communities.Which muslim leader has been given permission to voice the community’s cries of pain and poverty? There is limit to anarchy and injustice. When the Hand of God strikes, the unjust and terrorising rulers and their likes will get wiped out just the way Rome, Greece and now Libya, Egypt,
    and their rulers got annihilated. India is also going the same way. Wake up Indians to the impending Act of God which will wipe out the vendors of death and destruction.

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