One killed in Roorkee cracker blast fire

Dehra Dun : One person was killed, four others, including a child were injured and a number of shops and houses damaged in a high intensity blast caused when fire crackers meant for sale during the Deepawali festival went up in flames, in Roorkee, a town better known for IIT-Roorkee.

The firecrackers packed in seven boxes were being brought to a godown of a shopkeeper in a rickshaw. While they were being unloaded from the rickshaw, one of the boxes accidently fell while being taken to the godown from the rickshaw and caused a blast, which also engulfed the six other boxes of fire crackers. While the rickshaw puller, Kasim Abbas died on the spot, four other passers by were injured.

Meanwhile the residents of several areas of the city have complained to the district authorities that a number of godowns storing crackers, had mushroomed in various residential localities to cater to the needs of the people during Deepawali. They have asked the authorities to intervene, citing the explosion, so that there was no loss of life and property at other places.

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