Helmut Frauwallner, Suresh Rana lead Raid de Himalaya 2011 at Day Four

Shimla: Austrian biker Helmut Frauwallner had consolidated his lead in the X-treme category and was leading the 13th Raid de Himalaya with a total penalties of 7.07.43 at end of Day Four.

Photo courtesy: Sumant Mahant

In second place was Ashish Moudhgil with a total penalty time of 7.20.03, Suresh Babu was in third place with a time of 8.01.35.

Gottfreid and Johann, the Lehner brothers from Team Austria were in fourth and fifth place with a penalty time of 8.16.37 and 8.35.31.

In the four wheel category, veteran winner of the Raid, Suresh Rana was in the lead at end of Day Four, with a penalty time of 8.41.14. Last years winner, Major Amaninder Brar had lost out to S Bajaj who had moved into second slot with a penalty time 8.46.30

He was closely being chased by HS Bawa with a time penalty of 8.50.19 at third place.

A neck and neck race was on between S Pande with a penalty time of 8.51.40 at fourth placed with S Ahluwalia in close reckoning at fifth place having a total a penalty time of 8.51.41.

Hot on their heels was Karan Jung with a penalty time of 8.52.07 at sixth place.

The X-treme category of rallist took the route out from Leh and ended it at Kargil on Day Four (14.10.2011)

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