Country wide hunt for Shimla murder accused

Shimla : Five days after the brutal murder of a 96 year old man in Shimla’s crowded Sanjauli area police has been alerted across the country to nab the accused 21 year old man .

Sources say with the help of a mobile phone tracker it appears Aman Chaudhry is hiding somewhere in Delhi . The state police has mailed the photograph of the killer to Delhi and others states .

The relatives and friends of the killer are also being questioned . He hails from Bihar .

Last week Chaudhry allegedly killed Amba Dutt Dhanta and escaped with Rs 1.2 million cash which for some reason had been withdrawn from the bank by Dhanta only a day ago .

Dhanta had been found murdered by neighbours, his head smashed with a hammer .

Chaudhry had been reportedly engaged as a domestic help and caretaker by Dhanta’s son in law Deepak Bhagai from Mumbai , Bhagai is a former DGP of Himachal Pradesh .

Reports say the accused had been put on the train from Mumbai by Bhagai . Chaudhry was then received at Parwanoo by a police inspector and put on a bus to Shimla .

At Shimla’s Sanjauli police post another police official received Chaudhry and guided him to the house of Dhanta . But within 48 hours the caretaker turned killer and looter and remains absconding .

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