China’s Three Gorges project hits full capacity

Beijing : China’s Three Gorges Dam Sunday reached its designed highest mark, the second time for the world’s largest water control and hydropower project to run at full capacity.

The water level hit 175 meters at 5 p.m. after storing water for nearly two months from the water level of 152 meters, said an official with the China Three Gorges Project Corporation (CTGPC), the developer of the project.

A dozen hydropower turbo-generator units started operation Sunday, generating power capacity of 8.2 million kw, Xinhua reported quoting the official.

The dam in central China’s Hubei province completed its first full-capacity test last October.

Operating at full capacity should give full play to the dam’s functions of generating hydroelectric power, delivering water to the lower reaches to alleviate spring droughts, and containing water from summer flooding.

The Three Gorges Project was launched in 1993 with a budget equivalent to $22.5 billion.

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