Cheap Aircel hoarding at a Kalka-Shimla highway crematorium

Shimla : There are heavy restrictions on putting up hoarding advertisements on the Kalka-Shimla national highway as they can distract drivers on this busy winding road .

But caring two hoots for the rules Aircel has gone a step further it has chosen to raise a hoarding on the highway exactly at the entrance of a crematorium some 20 km from Shimla .

And if you read the advertisement it is a deliberate effort to cash in on death itself . How far will mobile companies go to sell their brands one wonders .

So while the pyre burns and the smoke rises the Aircel advertisement shines and attracts the attention of the mourners and the stream of cars driving past on the busy highway .

One wonders who gave Aircel this idea . And more importantly who gave them the permission to raise this cheap and gross advertisement at a crematorium . It is simply bizarre !

Photo by: Gaurav Chauhan


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  1. says: MLVerma

    Firm has nothing to do with human emotion, Their hidden motive coming forth in form of 2G scam. But concerned authorities were equally blind.

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