Both BJP and Congress have sold Himachal : CPM

Shimla : The CPM on Tuesday told both the BJP and the Congress to keep quiet and stop playing the blame game , as both of them are actually guilty of selling the interests of the state .

“Both the parties accuse each other of selling state interests , whereas in reality the two parties are selling out the interests of the state whenever they come to power.These interests are being sold to corporates , landed estate mafia , private university entrepreneurs and big business houses , ” CPM leader Tikender Panwar said here .

“The interests of the state have been sold out in the domain of cement production , hydro power generation and even eco tourism projects ,” Panwar said .

“In this sell out a trinity exists comprising of the big business-politician bureaucrat nexus that acts as a facilitator in such deals , with leaders of both these parties being a part of this trinity , ” he said .

A classic case has been the revelations made by arrested IPS officer K.K.Indoria . Many such examples of sleeping partners , active share holders of politicians exist in the domain of private universities and real estate deals the CPM says .

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