Arjan to be brand ambassador of Punjab Fashion Week

New Delhi: Arjan Bajwa has been signed as the male brand ambassador of the upcoming Punjab Fashion Week (PFW).

The 33-year-old actor, who hails from Punjab and is known for his role in “Fashion”, says he is looking forward to PFW, to be held in Ludhiana Nov 10-14.

“It feels good to be the brand ambassador of Punjab Fashion Week. Neeru Bajwa is the female brand ambassador. Talented designers will be showcasing their work,” Arjan said in a statement.

Designers Pria Kataria Puri, Satya Paul, James Ferreira and Mona-Pali will take part in PFW’s first edition.

Arjan will be seen in Hema Malini’s “Tell Me Oh Khuda”.

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