Anna may end vow of silence in four days

New Delhi : Anna Hazare Monday said he plans to end his vow of silence in three to four days and would undertake a tour of the country to meet those who supported his anti-corruption campaign.

Hazare, 74, said in his blog that the thought of giving up his ‘maun vrat’ was playing on his mind.

“In the next three to four days I might end my ‘maun vrat’. Crores of people have turned to reading my blog all over the world hence I think it would only seem appropriate that I end my ‘maun’ and hold open discussions with them,” he said.

The crusader said that he would “embark on a tour and meet all those young men and women, farmers, working class, school children from all over the world who were a part of this movement against corruption and at times even went to jail for the sake of the cause”.

“I have this strong urge from within to meet and talk to all these people who bravely faced the hazards. Hence I would like to end my ‘maun’ and start off touring different states and hold discussions with them,” said Hazare, who has been campaigning for a strong Lokpal to check corruption in high places.

He has led two successful anti-corruption campaigns in New Delhi in April and August, resulting in the government agreeing to his demand for a strong Lokpal bill and passing it in the winter session of parliament.

“Especially I hope to gather as much energy from these young men and women as I had during my previous movement,” Hazare said, adding that the “energy” will be utilised to get the Jan Lokpal bill, Team Anna’s version of the proposed ombudsman legislation, passed in parliament.

He also said he would continue his “struggle” for ‘Right to Reject’ the candidates in the poll fray and ‘Right to Recall’ those elected.

“All my countrymen will be connected with me directly in this struggle is my belief,” Hazare said.

Though he started his vow of silence Oct 16, he has been putting forward his view through his writings that are then read out by his aides or through his blog.

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