96 year old man murdered in Shimla

Shimla : A 96 year old man has been murdered in Shimla’s crowded Sanjauli area allegedly by his caretaker Thursday . After the incident the man walked away with cash and jewellery .

The 21 year old servant from Bihar had been hired barely three days ago to look after the lone man Amba Dutt who lived on the top floor of Ambika cottage . The man also happened to be the father-in-law of a former DGP of Himachal Pradesh , reports said .

Neighbours heard the barking dog shut in the kitchen and found the door of the house ajar , after walking in the found the bloody body of Amba Dutt sprawled in the floor .

When police reached the house they found the 96 year old man’s head smashed with a hammer and the caretaker Aman Chaudhary missing .

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