Himachal handicrafts PSU earns Rs 13.5 crore income

Shimla : The once loss making state run HP handicraft and handloom corporation has earned an annual income of Rs 13.50 crore during the last fiscal year .

This was disclosed by Himachal Pradesh’s industries minister Kishan Kapoor at the company’s board of directors meeting here Thursday .

The preivious year the figure stood at Rs 13.38 crore.
The most popular products of the corporation are woollen shawls , mufflers , stoles , Himachali caps , jewellery , carpets , sandals , handkerchiefs , jackets and woollen shoes .

“Three handloom clusters were sanctioned at Tissa, Janjheli and Jwali at a cost Rs 1.35 crore . 350 weavers will benefit from this cluster ,” said Kapoor.

“A project worth Rs 14.48 lakh for skill upgradation and training in the making of the embroidered chamba rumal and leather crafts has been sanctioned by the union ministry of textiles .”

Another Rs 7.20 lakh has been sanctioned for conducting training workshops in leather,metal embroidered cloth crafts and the chamba rumal .

The company has outlets in all metropolitan cities of the country and holds regular exhibitions at many other places.

In the last year or so it has been earning good revenue by selling its products in exhibitions across Europe and the United States .

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