Gurgaon toll plaza attendant’s killers held, pistol untraced

Gurgaon : Two men were arrested Monday for the gunning down of a toll plaza employee here three days ago, police said. However, the pistol with which the attendant was killed is yet to be found.

Vijayveer, 28, and Manjit Singh, 34, were tracked down after an extensive search for the white Bolero car they were driving in, Gurgaon police chief S.S. Deswal said.

“We had constituted 41 police teams. As there was no eyewitness in the case, we were totally dependant on the CCTV camera footage provided by the toll company DGSCL (Delhi-Gurgaon Super Connectivity Limited),” Deswal said.

“Our teams scrutinised more than 500 Boleros, which included about 350 in white colour,” he added.

While Vijayveer was arrested from his village Khoh, near Manesar in Haryana, Singh was nabbed from his village Shikhohpur in Gurgaon district, where he runs a gym.

A newly-married 22-year-old toll plaza attendant, Umeshkant Pandey, was shot in the neck past midnight Thursday by men in a white Mahindra Bolero after they were asked to pay Rs.27 as toll.

The entire incident, which took place at Kheri Daula in south Gurgaon, was recorded on the CCTV camera installed in the toll booth.

Police said the men were drunk at the time of the murder, and even came back to the toll booth after the shooting to see what had happened to the man shot.

“Around 45 minutes after shooting Pandey, Vijayveer asked Manjeet to visit the spot. Manjeet went there on bike and inquired about the condition of Pandey. This too was caught on the CCTV camera,” Deswal added.

Other employees at the toll plaza became suspicious and tried to catch him but he escaped.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Mahesh Dyal said the two men were returning from a party that night. The morning after the murder, Vijayveer changed some outer accessories of the Bolero so that he would not be traced.

The car is registered in the name of a man named Ashok Kumar.

“Further investigations are in progress. There may be some more arrests in the coming days,” Deswal added.

However, the foreign-made pistol used in the murder is yet to be recovered.

He said the toll company was on a number of occasions asked to install more CCTV cameras in the area.

However, DGSCL’s chief executive officer Manoj Aggarwal said: “We have provided sufficient evidences to police in this case. There is always a possibility of improvement and we are seriously looking into it.”


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