Vinod Mehta’s memoirs to be out in October

Vinod Mehta
Shimla : One of India’s most well known editors Vinod Mehta has just finished writing his memoirs.The book is expected to be published in October.

“The book will be published by penguin and is likely to be titled ‘Lucknow Boy’,” Mehta told me in an exclusive chat here late Thursday.

He began his career as editor Debonair in 1974.He later edited the Sunday Observor, Bombay, Indian Post ,The Pioneer.He has been editor-in-chief Outlook magazine for almost 15 years.

His other books include Mr Editor how close are you to the PM ?,The Sanjay Story,Bombay: A Private View and Meena Kumari.

Born in Rawalpindi, Mehta attended La Martinere school Lucknow and university there.

Mehta was in Shimla after a gap of 15 years,this time to attend the Whitmarsh Knight lecture on media organised by Bishop Cotton School(BCS) on its 152 founders day.BCS is one of India’s oldest public schools.

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  1. says: RKS

    Vinod mehta is a true journalist. His outlook is very wide, straight and synthesized. Apart from his pen power in print media, he is doing wonders in TV debates especially with Arnav Goswami on Times Now TV Channel. This is what we require from intellectual minds as a contribution towards better civil society and nation building.

  2. says: PradeepR

    Positioning itself as a something different from the India Today, the Outlook could never become a magazine of Indian (middle class) homes, thanks to its shocking and insulting pornographic, titillating surveys, articles and visuals inflicted on the readers from time to time. Mr. Editor thought we needed pornography though Outlook, in the age when it is available in abundance on the internet. One only waits for his memoirs to see, if they are any different.It is only disturbing that such and such things obsess people at such and such age.

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