Monsoon is on but Shimla has a long water crisis !

Shimla : Strange as it may seem, but deapite the onset of the monsoon in Shimla almost some three weeks ago the state capital is facing an acute water shortage thanks to to the mismanagement of the civic and water officials.

This has angered residents and tourists who have not understand why the government has failed to deliver water even though all five water sources feeding the hill station have been almost recharged.

The reason cited by the civic and IPH officials is high silt and pumping problems, as a result most areas in the town are facing a water crisis since the past fortnight or so.

The highest silt is in the Giri source, even though this supply was launched a couple of years ago.So why hasn’t it been ensured that silt free water is pumped by the latest machinery installed at the pumping site many are asking.

“We can understand water shortage in the dry summer season when the demand is at its highest in Shimla.But we cannot get to terms with no water, when there is water, water every where in the rainy season,” said one angry resident.

The government has a lot of explaining to do why it cannot deliver water even though the hills in and around Shimla are soaked in water !

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