Himachal government appoints 119 new doctors

Shimla: The Himachal government today issued a notification announcing appointment of 119 new doctors for manning the various health institutions in the state.

The appointment have been made after HP Public Service Commission have recommending the doctors for regular postings against vacant positions lying with the health department.

Complete details in attached document: doctors appointment


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  1. says: AM

    well these are new appointments on regular basis but not new doctors as these doctors were already working as contractual doctors at various places in himachal pradesh. this govt. is making fool of people as whenever this govt. comes to power doctors have to face something ………last time when they came to power first time in history of himachal pradesh passed graduates from IGMC shimla were made to sit at home for more than 1 year without job ……now when they came to power first time in history of HP doctors were appointed on rogi kalyan samiti ..which means daily wedges …….than another blunder happened that to favor there kin to get best paid postgraduate seat they changed the whole system which was followed …and ultimately doctors made this govt. to stand in front of high court and whole himachal was ashamed….then when high court asked them to follow the normal way everything was on track……to take revenge from the doctors this year in Postgraduate exam they asked the examiner from outside to set the paper so no working doctors can clear ……….and it happened only 16 doctors were able to clear the exam ……then again matter reached to high court and re exam was order …and again none of the doctor was able to clear ……..ultimately doctors again fought in court for 2 months then ultimately seats were filled ………..after this doctors from HP appeared in PGI Chandigarh exam which is one of the most difficult exam of India 21 doctors of himachal and that to 1st position in doctors doing job cat….can you believe …jo log hp ka paper clear nahin ker paye vo PGI main first aaya…………only conclusion is that either PGI paper setters are dumb or you guys can guess ………My known doctor who is postgraduate in anesthesia and working in Delhi appeared in interview but was rejected …….so can you think …we are experiencing a huge shortage of postgraduates in HP…or doosri taraf se govt. says we are doing this and that to increase postgraduate doctors…….if last year center govt. has not changed the rule we would have not able to increase our Postgraduate seats…earlier there was rule that you can apply for 1 postgraduate students if you have 1 professor …medical council of India keeping in mind that India is in acute shortage of postgraduate doctors they changed the rule …2 students for 1 professor so seats got doubled………..yeh neta log sab ko bolte rehte hain ki humne 39 seats se 69 ker di but in real they did nothing..seats are increased automatically after changing one rule………in today amarujala govt. has invited the add to open 3 medical colleges in private basis..at chamba, solan and hamirpur ….from corporate world whose wealth is not less than 300 crore …so can you run your mind that if govt. can not run the IGMC and Tanda medical college properly ……..what the hell is going to happen in this small state later on…………poor people will be suffer and these netas who are running govt. will enjoy watching……

  2. says: bhupinder

    i request whole people take part in some constructive activities,and dnot expect everything from govt, every politician give dream to voter on high dose of great dream and oppotunism, which is not possible in real term,in economics,if some one is geting back his cost,system always crumble and disappear,,so i request whole like minded people,form up think tank and usher in new method which may enable gvt to give good services,and keep under check govt budget and charge from those who can afford,upgrade facilities and charge more from rich,,otherwise whole services will be symbolic,just mind brainwashing on paper and little on ground,,

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