Congress for CBI probe into CM office forgery scam

Shimla: Lashing out at the BJP government, opposition Congress has termed the chief minister office as a den of corruption and demanded an impartial inquiry by CBI into the forgery scam that the state agencies are investigating.

Congress spokesman Kuldeep Rathore told the media that the opposition had no faith in the state investigating agencies which were probing the case about forged signatures of chief minister and other officials having been used on documents to secure transfers of employees.

“Only small employees are being treated as suspects while investigators were hesitant to lay hands on bigger fish,” said the congress spokesman.

In fact chief minister PK Dhumal needs to resign for such a lapse but the least he could do is order a CBI probe into the whole scam so that the whole truth could come out, he added.

Making a comparison with the UPA government, he said that bigwigs had not been spared in cases of corruption and many influential leaders including a former minister were in jail, but the BJP state government has not acted upon incidence of corrupt cases being pointed out.

“Not just congress but parliamentarian Rajhan Sushant a BJP MP from Kangra has also been making serious charges of corruption against several people but the state government has failed to act, said Rathore.

“By saying that the MP was defying the party line, BJP was trying to gag Sushant over exposing rampant corruption, he added.

He said that the state was partisan in applying the law. When BJP organizations protested and burnt effigies or raised slogans against the PM or UPA ministers, the police looked the other way but where congress workers protested in a similar way, they have been booked and cases slapped on them, said the congressman.

Expressing concern about conditions of rural roads, he said that bad roads in the apple producing had not been repaired in a year and farmers were concerned about transporting their produce during the current harvest.

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