Two arrested with 6 Kgs Charas

Shimla: Police out on a night patrol in Chopal sub-division successfully intercepted two persons under suspicious circumstances and on doing a body search recovered 6 Kgs of contraband Charas from them.

Investigating Officer Narender Singh said that around midnight on Friday, patrolling policemen came across Mohar Singh and Prem Prakash moving about suspiciously near a place called Navti.

While 4 Kgs of the contraband drug was recovered from Mohar Singh another 2 Kgs was found on Prem Prakash, said police sub-inspector Narender.

The two are residents of separate villages in Nerwa sub-tehsil of the sub-division and have been booked under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

With possession of more than 1 Kg of Charas considered to be commercial quantity under the law, the two face a minimum of 10 years with the maximum being 20 years in prison and maximum fine of Rs 2 Lakh for the offence if proved in court.

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